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Stop Press: Strike ends after union boss engineers release of isolated worker August 28, 2010

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Celebrations went on for several hours on Friday, here in faux-farmville, heralding the end of a fortnight’s industrial dispute. Union members, headed by their boss Agnes D Hen, had been protesting and picketing throughout the daylight hours, pausing only briefly to eat and dig up the odd garden bed. Their concerns? The solitary confinement of one of their colleagues and the subsequent employment of three unknown workers. There had been allegations of employers resorting to the use of child labour and the harbouring of possibly illegal immigrants. All egg laying had ceased for the duration.

One union member, calling herself only Lola, disclosed to the press that she was disappointed that after months of dedicated work her employers seemed deaf to her concerns regarding ongoing working conditions. She described morale as being at an all-time low, with the isolation of her co-worker striking fear into the hearts of the whole group. “If they can do that to Betty, who’s never shown up late a day in her life, what’s to stop them doing it to any of us?” she bok-bokked.

It wasn’t until late Thursday that management seemed to heed the seriousness of the workforce’s concerns. A reunion between all workers, overseen by Agnes, was promptly facilitated. Light was shed on the mystery surrounding the possibly illegal, underage workers, after management outlined the details of their position within the company. Misunderstandings now behind them, relations took an immediate turn for the better.

As a new day dawned over faux-farmville, the entire company stepped out for breakfast proudly, readying themselves for a long day of garden maintenance. Behind them in their still warm nests? A clutch of fresh eggs.


One Response to “Stop Press: Strike ends after union boss engineers release of isolated worker”

  1. Maryse Meale Says:

    Love it Flic……..fantastic news!!

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