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Switch September 22, 2010

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Conversations in our kitchen

*           *          *

Beloved is holding the small person, looking out the back window to the garden, appearing thoughtful.

– Now I’m home with small more often, perhaps you should tell me what needs doing in the garden so I can help.

Really? You want to garden?

– Well, yes. I might need something to do.

– Okay. There’s heaps of stuff to do at the moment. Do you want a list?

– Yes. But you can only write one list, you can’t lose it and rewrite it over and over again. Just stick it on the fridge.

*          *          *

List is written. List is on fridge. I go to work. I come home.

Good day?

Yep, small slept well and we spent a bit of time in the garden.

– Oooh, nice. What did you do?

Just some weeding around the raised bed in the middle of the garden.


Was that on the list?

– No. But it was just weeding.

*          *          *

Later, I take rubbish out to bins. Bins are in garden. In the most non-checking-up-way I can muster, I investigate the site of the weeding.

You know the weeding?

– Mm hmm.

Not actually weeds. Actually bulbs. Gift from grandfather.

– Oh.


3 Responses to “Switch”

  1. LMF1 Says:

    I read this to Nic, laughing with tears in my eyes, he says it’s not funny because now you have to replant them all. This is why I don’t touch my garden…

  2. […] an appearance, when I’d all but given up on them, the holes created by the beloved’s ‘weeding’ are now filled with nasturtium seeds and I suddenly remembered there are carrots to be picked, […]

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