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Why did the chicken cross the road?* December 9, 2010

Filed under: Days of our chickens' lives — titchandboofer @ 11:08 pm




On the road there is no chicken,

no road, nor perception of the road, nor impulse to cross it, nor consciousness of the road,

no feathers,

no beak,

no clawed feet,

no chicken.

No road,

no chicken,

no crossing…

only the great prajnaparamita of the empty form of chicken and the empty form of the road, and that emptiness;

gone, gone, gone beyond, gone altogether beyond.


*I had such good intentions of avoiding chicken-road-crossing jokes. Obviously the road the chicken crossed is paved with good intentions.


One Response to “Why did the chicken cross the road?*”

  1. BLF Says:

    Q. Why did the Collingwood supporter cross the road?
    A. To start a fight with a complete stranger, for no reason what so ever.

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