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Gone December 15, 2010

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There will be no more chicken jokes.

For there are no more chickens.

I have a horribly sick feeling in my stomach, having to write this.

Our feathered ladies are gone.

Killed and scattered by some roaming beast.

I have spent the day torturing myself with thoughts of how scared they must have been.

A very kind friend has gathered their remains and put them all in a box to be buried.

I don’t know if I can look in the box.

Yes they were chickens, livestock, birds.

But they were our pets and we doted on them.

We loved Agnes and her feisty, bossy attitude.

We loved Lola’s boastful crowing over each and every egg she popped out.

We loved Betty’s doddering, confused mothering of her chicks.

We loved Mrs Poulawitska’s uncoordinated dashing about and her secretive egg laying.

We cannot wait for Agnes any longer.

Good bye feathered ladies.


8 Responses to “Gone”

  1. Sister D Says:

    Oh my gosh Sister F, that is so awful! Poor feathered ladies. But sister, those chickens had a top life in your yard. Agnes & her friends were lucky chickees. May they rest in chicken heaven where there are no predators & where they can roam free to their little hearts content forever xx

  2. LMF1 Says:

    😦 farewell feathered ladies, we all loved you

  3. Maryse Meale Says:

    OH…….how sad…..Not a nice way to go! xoxoxoxo

  4. BLF Says:

    May there be many visitors to peck at, lawns and gardens to scratch at and inspect, cats to frighten (or be frightened of) and special places for egg laying and sitting in Chicken Heaven.

    Vale Agnes and Co.


  5. WittyKnitter Says:

    Nooo! I am so sorry; that is horrible.

  6. […] the horrible loss of our feathered family, earlier this week, I was reconciling myself to the still emptiness of our back yard. We had said […]

  7. whatladder Says:

    Oh, this is awful! I must have missed it earlier.

  8. Mr Awesome Says:

    Fantastic Mr Fox, is not fantastic at all, he’s a jerk.

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