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No no, not abandoned May 31, 2011

In brief, the top five reasons for my neglectful treatment of this blog:

1. The utter exhaustion of Feeding The Small Person

2. The creation of a Whole New Person

3. An unexpected Career Addition

4. An impulsive decision to Move House

5. I just wasn’t Feeling It

*      *     *     *     *

And so “A goodly four months of procrastination: A work of non-fiction in five chapters” is born…


3 Responses to “No no, not abandoned”

  1. whatladder Says:

    I give you B+ for excuses.

  2. What?? But can you tell me where I lost marks? Cos I really don’t think it’s fair. And I didn’t understand the requirements. And the toddler might have peed in the keyboard, so I couldn’t really do the work. 😉

  3. GG Says:

    That is a very, very pretty baby

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