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One more thing to add to the list August 24, 2010

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We were cooking tonight and listening to Dusty Springfield when In the middle of nowhere started playing. This got me to remembering Smack the Pony, a British sketch comedy show from around 1999/2000ish that the BLF and I loved with an unholy passion. STP, Big Train and Fast Forward were all on high rotation in our sharing-house days and can still make me snort tea out my nose with laughter. Finding a box set of Smack the Pony is something I keep meaning to write on a list, somewhere under ‘find original list’ and ‘this year get organised and send Christmas cards’. In the meantime YouTube has to suffice. I had a look for one of my favourite sketches, where a nervous doctor is doing a check up for a new baby, asking the mother ‘Are you giving her plenty to eat? You know, lasagne, little cakes, that sort of thing?’ I like to steal this line occasionally and use it on new parents, you know, just to lighten the mood a little. Sadly I couldn’t find that particular one, but this one isn’t bad either…